Tyler pirate psii
Game: Phantasy Star II
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm

Tyler is a minor character from Phantasy Star II. In the events following Rolf's arrest and placement in the Prison Satellite Gaila, Tyler, a space pirate, happens to be looting the area when the Mother Brain suddenly sends the satellite on a collision course for the planet Palm.


Phantasy Star II

Much of Tyler's history is unknown, however, he does disclose that he used to live on the planet Palm before becoming frustrated with how the Mother Brain controlled society. After an unspecified period of time, he became a space pirate that wandered the planets and stole items to his leisure. It was during one of these fateful looting operations aboard a prison satellite that he came across a critically injured yet unconscious group consisting of Rolf and three others. He managed to save what remained of their bodies and escape before the structure collided with Palm.

After successfully cloning their remains, Tyler introduces himself to Rolf and briefly chats before returning them to Paseo, bidding them farewell.

Phantasy Star IV

Phantasy Star IV features a town on the planet Dezolis that goes by the same name as the infamous space pirate. It was founded by Tyler and his crew of Palmanian refugees sometime following the destruction of their planet. To the west of town lies Tyler's final resting place, and, hidden deep within his grave, is his cherished spaceship The Landale.