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Units are items that can be equipped in a character's Unit slot. They tend to give stat-boosts, although some units have other effects.

Some units will have either pluses (+) or minuses (-) next to their names. Pluses denote an increase of 1 stat point to the boost; minuses mean that the unit gives 1 less point per minus than a unit with no minuses. (For example, a regular Ogre/Power gives +15 ATP, while an Ogre/Power++ gives 17 and an Ogre/Power-- gives 13.) Items may only have two pluses or minuses, and rares will never have them.

Types of units


___/Power units, when equipped, give a bonus to ATP.


___/Body units, when equipped, give a bonus to DFP.


___/Arm units, when equipped, give a bonus to ATA.


___/Legs units, when equipped, give a bonus to EVP.


___/Mind units, when equipped, give a bonus to MST.


___/Luck units, when equipped, give a bonus to Luck.


___/HP units, when equipped, give a bonus to HP. HP/___ units recover HP over certain intervals.


___/TP units, when equipped, give a bonus to TP. TP/___ units recover TP over certain intervals.


PB units fill the Photon Blast bar over certain intervals when equipped.

  • PB/Amplifier: PB bar fills as you walk (long intervals)
  • PB/Generate: PB bar fills as you walk (medium intervals)
  • PB/Create: PB bar fills as you walk (short intervals)


Fire units increase EFR when equipped.


Ice units increase EIC when equipped.


Lightning units increase ETH when equipped.


Light units increase ELT when equipped.


Dark units increase EDK when equipped.


___/Technique units increase the levels of all techniques when equipped. Techniques with no levels (such as Ryuker) are unaffected. These units cannot boost techniques beyond their maximum levels.

___/Ability units give bonuses to several stats at once.

___/Battle units increase weapon speed (does not affect technique casting speed). Note: These units do not stack.

Rare units exist that provide complete immunity to certain status effects.

Some units do not have a specific category, instead adding their own unique properties.

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