Usanny psz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Rioh Snowfield, Eternal Tower
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Usanimere
"A small creature with pure white fur. It is prized as a pet for its cuteness."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Usanny (Japanese: ウサニー) is a small rabbit that resides within the Rioh Snowfield. On rare occasions, Usanimere can be found in its place.

General Data


Usanny is a popular, diminutive rabbit with pure white fur that resides within cold environments such as the Rioh Snowfield. As a result of adapting to its surroundings, the rabbit's coat is fluffy and the coloration allows it to blend in with its environment to hide from predators.

Usanny has red eyes, and atop its head are two ears that are as long as the rabbit itself. The area underneath its ears, around its neck, and its tail all have extremely puffed fur that resembles cotton. Its paws are jet black with three toes per foot.

Activity Patterns

Usanny uses its characteristic long ears in order attack threats. It will quickly hop toward its target and then whip its ears forward with enough force to damage foes.

Although Usanny can be aggressive, it has occasional cooldown periods where it will idly stand in place bobbing its head and swaying its ears. Along with its appearance, its actions have given the animal a popular reputation with hunters as suggested by its bestiary description.

Monster stats

Normal Hard Super Hard
HP 72 289 612
MAX MELEE 138 382 841
MIN MELEE 126 366 799
DFP 5 82 137
ATA 220 330 390
EVP 30 380 600
END 1 5 10
LUCK 10 20 30
EXP 4 90 120
DEF X 1 1 1
DODGE X 1 1 1
ATK RESIST 20 20 40
EFR 10 10 20
EIC 40 40 80
ETH 20 20 60
ELT 20 20 40
EDK 20 20 20
SPEED 1 1.05 1.1

Item Drops

Usanny may drop one of the following items upon being defeated.

A difficulty will be abbreviated next to the name of the area that the item drops in. [N] stands for Normal Mode; [H] is short for Hard Mode; and [SH] is Super Hard Mode. If the item drops on all difficulties, no difficulty will be listed.


Name Rarity Acquisition Description
Ein Pistol ★☆☆☆☆ Rioh Snowfield [N]
Eternal Tower [N]
A handgun with mechanical parts. It has been modified for more power and balance.
Ein Rifle ★★☆☆☆ Rioh Snowfield [N]
Eternal Tower [N]
A rifle with mechanical parts. It has been modified for more power and balance.
Axeon ★★★☆☆ Eternal Tower [N] A weapon cobbled together from a giant sword and gun with no thought for balance.
Deo Pistol ★★★☆☆ Rioh Snowfield [N]
Eternal Tower [N]
A handgun with mechanical parts. It has been modified for power and durability.
Garland ★★★☆☆ Eternal Tower [N] A rifle used by Ogi. Though its specs are pedestrian, it is balanced and easy to use.
Romulus ★★★☆☆ Eternal Tower [N] A double saber wielded by security forces. It is a well-balanced design.
Diabolic Gauntlet ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [N] Its claws host the spirit of a foul demon. Its victims feel rapture near death.
Delacquer ★★★★☆ Rioh Snowfield [H]
Eternal Tower [H]
A handgun with much-modified mechanical parts for added punch.
Twin Brand ★★★★★ Rioh Snowfield [H] A top-grade double saber for which ownership is said to be proof of greatness.
Garland Zwei ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [H] Ogi customized his own weapon for better specs while retaining balance.
Lord Axeon ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [H] A modified Axeon. For Kai, it is a memorable and trusted weapon.
Rems Romulus ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [H] A double saber upgraded to meet security force needs without changing appearance.
Bangasa Jikomi ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [H] A concealed weapon favored by dandy ronin. Don't let its appearance fool you.
Ryjarg ★★★★★ Rioh Snowfield [H/SH]
Eternal Tower [H/SH]
A rifle said to pierce any armor. Its high power makes it usable by only a few.
H10 Missouri ★★★★★ Rioh Snowfield [H/SH]
Eternal Tower [H/SH]
A pocket-size handgun. Despite its tiny size, it packs a surprising wallop.
Emperor Axeon ★★★★★★★ Eternal Tower [SH] Kai's weapon of choice. The blade atones for the past, and the gun carries hope.
Garland Drei ★★★★★★★ Eternal Tower [SH] Ogi's original rifle with more modding. Its specs place it among the best.
Gigas Romulus ★★★★★★★ Eternal Tower [SH] Reve's double saber. Despite its high specs, it is easy to handle.
H44 Missouri ★★★★★★★ Rioh Snowfield [SH]
Eternal Tower [SH]
A handgun with a high obsidian content. Its honed barrel supports its power.
Psycho Wand ★★★★★★★ Eternal Tower [SH] A mythical rod described as "The Ultimate." Nothing else is known about it.


Name Rarity Acquisition Description
Mascot Suit ★★★★☆ Rioh Snowfield [H]
Star Cloak ★★★★☆ Rioh Snowfield [H]
Hunter Shell ★★★★★ Rioh Snowfield [SH] A Hunter-only armor that is especially well-protected against close-range attacks.


Name Rarity Acquisition Description
Arkharz Soul ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [N] A crystallized Arkharz soul. When given to a Lv 70+ Mag...
Femini Soul ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [H]
Radam Soul ★★★★★ Eternal Tower [SH]


External Sources

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