Uzo is a town on Motavia.

First Millennium

Main article: Uzo (Phantasy Star)

In the first millennium, Uzo lies south of Paseo over the ant-lion. The Luveno takes off and lands here after it has been built and the Paseo spaceport closed.

Second Millennium

Main article: Uzo Island

Although the city itself is nowhere to be found in Phantasy Star II, Rolf is able to visit a hidden dungeon on the tiny island. Deep inside its misty caverns lies a single true maruera tree and, upon its branches, a maruera fruit which will give Rolf the ability to breathe underwater with some assistance from an inventor in Kueri.

Third Millennium

Main article: Uzo (Phantasy Star IV)

In Phantasy Star IV, Uzo is a small town on an island that broke away from the Motavia mainlands.

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