Visiphones (Japanese: ビジフォン), localized as Vision Phone in Phantasy Star Universe, are an element common to the Phantasy Star series. Its precise usage has varied by game.

Phantasy Star II

In Phantasy Star II, a Visiphone is an item that can only be obtained from Shir if she steals from Motavia's Central Tower while she is Level 10 or higher. A Visiphone enables saving the game at any location.

Phantasy Star Universe

Vision phone psu
The Vision Phone is located within the player character's room in Phantasy Star Universe. By utilizing the device, the user is granted access to numerous quality of life functions including searching player shops, read entries about monsters and lore surrounding the games in the Phantasy Star Universe series, and view the play guide. One of its social functions allows visitors to leave the room owner messages by typing a note on the Vision Phone's bulletin board.

The game was eventually updated to allow players to view their player record and titles unlocked by completing certain game objectives on the Vision Phone.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Visiphone room pso2id

In Phantasy Star Online 2, the Visiphone is a console typically located near the Item Storage console. It is represented by a purple question mark surrounded by two rings. It can be seen in various locations all around the ARKS Ship. The Visiphone allows players to access a variety of information and services, such as Player Shops and the Database.

In the Southeast Asia version of the game, it is known as a Videophone.

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