Volopt poster

Vol Opt's Second Form

The boss of the mines. It takes the form of a giant computer terminal, with a small mag-like entity that shows up in one of the many screens surrounding the room. In order to damage the boss, the player must attack the computer screens that the boss is currently in. When all the computer screens are destroyed, a large, multi-tooled robot will drop into the room. In order to defeat it, the player must destroy all the tools that it uses.


While it is in the computer terminal, the boss will raise multiple nodes through the room. after a brief time, an electric charge is chained through the nodes. If the player takes damage from the nodes, they are often stunned by the attack. In order to prevent this, the player must strike the node that is glowing red, rather than blue.

Information provided by Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (gamecube):

Vol Opt was one of three master computers used by Pioneer 1 (the other two being Calus and Olga), and one of the two to be located in proximity to the Central Dome in the mines, (The other being Calus). According to Calus's conversation with Elly Person in the mission "Knowing One's Heart", both master computers were being mentally assailed and influenced by a darkness Calus could not identify, and Vol Opt was immediately converted. Calus declared that the influence was compelling him to seek out or build himself an organic body, though he fought the influence, terminating himself in the process. Form this information, the machine form of Vol Opt's second boss battle form is this attempt at a body. Vol Opt is likely responsible for programming of all the miner robots to attack anyone who enters the mines.

In the Ultimate difficulty, Vol Opt is upgraded to Vol Opt ver. 2.

Mines Monsters
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Ultimate: Gillchich | Dubchich | Canabin | Canune | Sinow Blue | Sinow Red | Baranz | Vol Opt ver.2

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