Dr. Warren Daren is a character in Phantasy Star Universe. He is a scientist specializing in A-Photon Reactors


18 years ago, Daren was living in the city of Mellvore. When it was destroyed in an explosion, he was assumed to be dead.

In fact, he had been kidnapped by the Endrum Collective. They injected nanobots into his bloodstream and forced him to work for them under threat of death. During this time, he introduced a new energy source into society called A-Photons.

Although the new power source was unrivaled by anything in Gurhal, Daren suspected that something wasn't right about it. He was also worried about the motives of the Collective.

After the SEED invasion, Daren managed to escape from his captors. Adopting the pseudonym of an archeologist named Dr. Dorrsen, he contacted the GUARDIANS to serve as bodyguards as he explored the ruins of a recently discovered relic site. He was assigned to Karren, Ethan, and Hyguga. Karren attempted to explain the danger of the mission, but Daren was adament.

They made their way across the plains to the relic site, defeating a giant dragon on the way. Once inside the relic, Daren was spellbound by the inner sactum. He was particularly interested in the ancient robotic warriors who had protected the civilization so many years ago.

After reaching the center of the site, they were attacked by one of these warriors. After it was defeated, it disintegrated except for it's power source. Daren immediatly recognized it as a A-Photon and was immediatly overcome with shock. He revealed his true identity to the group and exclaimed that the same power source that the anicent civilization used was being used today. And as the anicent society was destroyed, he felt that the modern world would suffer a similar fate.

At that moment, several robotic warriors came to life and attacked. Ethan took Daren to safety as the others held off the robots.

They reached the exit only to find it blocked by Magishi and two Collective troops. Magishi immediatly recognized Daren and demanded that he come with them. Daren refused, shouting that he would no longer be his slave. Magishi then activated the nanobots in his bloodstream, which all exploded at once, mortally wounding the doctor. With his last breath, Daren told Ethan that Magishi was evil and had to be stopped. Then he died. Magishi would take his body away to an undisclosed position.