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There are 7 types of weapons in Phantasy Star II: knives, bars, swords, slashers, handguns, shots/cannons, and vulcans.


Knives are single-handed weapons useable by nearly every character. Note: the Fire Staff can cast Foi when used as an item in battle.

MST Location Attack Defense Usable by
Laconian Dagger 18400 Ryuon, Ikuto 4 22 Kain Shir
Knife 100 Paseo, Ryuon 5 - Rolf Rudo Amy Hugh Anna Kain Shir
Scalpel 180 Paseo, Oputa, Biosystems Lab 7 - Amy Hugh
Dagger 200 Steal from shop, Paseo, Arima 8 1 Rudo Hugh Kain Shir
Whip 1400 Zema 20 2 Anna
Ceramic Knife 2800 Arima, Oputa 20 3 Rolf Rudo Amy Hugh Anna Kain Shir
Laser Knife 4400 Steal from shop, Zema, Aukba 28 5 Rolf Rudo Amy Hugh Anna Kain Shir
Fire Staff - Steal from shop, Red Dam, Ikuto 32 11 Amy
Laconian Mace 16800 Aukba, Zosa, Ikuto 40 8 Hugh Kain


Bars are specialized single-handed weapons which can only be used by Nei.

MST Location Attack Defense
Steel Bar 80 Paseo, Arima 7 2
Ceram Bar 1200 Oputa, Roron 27 2
Laser Bar 3100 Kueri, Piata 38 3


Swords are double-handed weapons which are useable only by Rolf.

Swords from Shops

MST Location Attack Defense
Sword 1200 Arima, Oputa 36 8
Ceramic Sword 3200 Zema, Aukba, Zosa 60 10
Laser Sword 5400 Piata 100 18
Laconian Sword 22000 Ryuon 124 14

Unique Swords

Location Attack Defense
Sword of Ang Red Dam 116 -
Neisword Esper Mansion 150 48


Slashers are single-handed bladed weapons which can only be used by Anna. They will damage all enemies in a group when thrown with the exception of Boomerang, which hits only a single enemy.

Slashers from Shops

MST Location Attack
Boomerang 480 Kueri, Zosa 12
Slasher 2000 Zema 17
Laser Slasher 6700 Kueri, Ryuon 30
Fire Slasher - Red Dam 36
AC Slasher 24000 Aukba, Zosa 42

Unique Slasher

Location Attack
Neislasher Ikuto 60


Handguns are single-handed weapons that deal low to mediocre damage to a single target. They are mainly intended as a weak ranged option for the mages, Amy and Hugh.

MST Location Attack Usable by
Poison Shot 1700 Biosystems Lab, Zema 15 Amy Hugh Kain
Sonic Gun 640 Paseo, Arima 17 Rolf Rudo Hugh Kain
Acid Shot 4800 Kueri, Piata, Zosa 25 Amy Hugh Kain


Shots are powerful two-handed weapons that target a single enemy. Rudo can use every heavy gun except the Silent Shot, while Kain can use most.

Note: Silent Shot has a chance of paralyzing an enemy for a number of turns.

Shots from Shops

MST Location Attack Usable by
Bow Gun 300 Paseo 16 Rolf Rudo Hugh Kain
Silent Shot 920 Oputa, Kueri 20 Amy Kain
Cannon 2200 Zema, Roron 36 Rudo Kain
Laser Shot 6200 Steal from shop, Kueri, Piata, Aukba 40 Rudo Kain
Laser Cannon 20000 Piata, Ryuon 60 Rudo
Pulse Cannon 32000 Aukba, Ikuto 70 Rudo

Unique Shot

Location Attack Usable by
Neishot Ikuto 120 Rudo


Vulcans are double-handed weapons that focus on spreading damage with a pack of enemies. The Shotgun is capable of hitting two enemies at once, while vulcans will damage every enemy in a group.

MST Location Attack Usable by
Shotgun 800 Arima, Oputa 20 Rudo Kain
Vulcan 12600 Piata, Ryuon 56 Rudo
Pulse Vulcan 48000 Zosa 76 Rudo
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