Windmill id
Game: PSO Episodes 1, 2 & 4
Type: Cane
Requirement: 690 MST
Stars: ★★★★★★★★★
Max Grind: 9
Special: Powerful wave attack
"The windmill-shape gives this cane its power. In order to execute its special attack, hold the wind energy, and..."
— In-game description

Windmill is a rare cane-type weapon found in Episode 2 by defeating Mil Lily and Hildetorr in the VR Temple, depending on section ID.

As the character holds it, the windmill will passively spin against the wind. In order to use its special attack, a standard three hit combo must be performed in order to build up enough wind energy. Afterwards, the windmill will be spinning very quickly, allowing the player to unleash a unique wave attack on a single enemy if it hits.

Most characters are able to use the windmill with the exception of androids.

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