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Zonde is the most fundamental lightning technique, and one of the three basic offensive techniques. When cast it calls down a bolt of lightning to strike one target. Machines may potentially be shocked by Zonde.

Zonde requires a target to have any effect. However, Zonde is unique in that its targeting radius extends almost 360 degrees around the caster. This means that the caster does not need to be facing the target to cast the spell. Zonde can be used in this manner to locate (and damage) concealed or invisible enemies, or simply targets the caster has lost track of.

Higher technique levels increase the range and damage of the spell.

Some weapons, such as Red Handgun and weapons with lightning-related special attacks, have a special attack that is similar to Zonde.

Storm Wand:Indra and Yellow Merges boost all Zonde techs by 20% when equipped. A Zonde Merge, as well as Clubs of Zumarian, boost Zonde by 30%.

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